How to Make the Grades when Earning an MBA Degree Online

Having an MBA degree is important for the further development of your career. However, owning an MBA degree is not the only thing that can make your career go up. Some industries require the grades to be high. The question is how much effort should you put into the grades?According to employers, the grades are not on a high level on the list of priorities when they hire someone. Erwin Chan is an MBA recruiter at Microsoft, located in Seattle. He graduated in 2007 from Duke University in business administration. He says that generally, he doesn’t look at the grades because they are not a reliable indicator of the abilities and characteristics that a certain person possesses. While he was looking for a job he noticed that marketing firms never ask for high grades.

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Recruiters and business school administrators say that only a few firms ask for good grades from their future employees. Investment banks and consulting firms are one of those who asks about grades. Still, even though they ask about grades, it doesn’t mean that the applicant will be accepted if they have good grades. There are a lot of more important things to consider. Whether the grades matter in every industry or not it doesn’t mean that it won’t make a difference. If you have the time and nerve to study hard and get good grades it can only get you better options available.Chris Franck is a principal and national strategy and operations recruiter of MBAs for Deloitte Consulting. In his firm grades are very important. They are the indicator to the student’s level of performance in the academic environment and that is essential to his firm and his clients. He also says that other students that don’t have high grades also have a chance in being hired. If a certain person has graduated from a university or college where there is a grade non-disclosure policy then the resume and the involvement on campus is what will be looked at.

Many working people think that Obtaining an MBA degree is easy but when they start the program they fail to finish it on time because they are not psychologically prepared. Before you start the program you have to know what you want. Is that a great career or spending a lot of time with your family? If you want to have good grades then you will have to make some sacrifices. Discipline and hard work are essential for getting good grades. You must stick to the schedule and finish the lessons on time so that you can keep up and don’t have difficulties. If you can easily get distracted and don’t control yourself then you can say goodbye to the good grades. Adapting to the changes in your life is what you have to do because you will have more responsibilities and you will have to give up social activities in order to succeed. Having a clear vision of what the goal is will help you cope with the bigger responsibilities and you will finish the program on time. Motivate yourself and you will have no problem studying hard and getting good grades.


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