6 Truths about Online MBA Courses – 4 Advantages and 2 Disadvantages

Getting an MBA degree will surely help you reach the top of the corporate ladder at a faster pace compared to those who only finished college. However, if you are already working full-time and you really do not have all the energy to go to a traditional school, you can simply apply for online MBA courses.

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MBAWhat are the advantages of studying online compared to going to a traditional school?

1) Saving money: – Honestly, online schools are much more expensive than traditional schools. However, going to a traditional school will require you spend money on gas or transportation costs. Since you are coming from work too, you might have to buy dinner or snack outside before heading for school since you cannot eat at home.

2) Saving time: -Time is the enemy of those whoWould like to get MBA degrees. Since you are working full-time, you have to go all the way from work to the school. It may look easy but there are times when you have to finish some paper works in the office that will require you to go on an over time. During times like these, you cannot simply skip work and go to school. Online MBA courses will never require you to hurry up your work instead it is the other way around.

3) Saving energy: -When you go to a traditional school, you need to save up all your energy that was left from your 8-5 job. Fortunately, when you are enrolled online, you can lie in bed or sit in your comfort couch and study.

4) Special attention: – Being in a classroom setting, there would be many students and there is only one professor. When this happens, you cannot be given special attention. This is not the case with online courses. You can be sure that you will be given special attention by your professors and this will help you learn more than what you can learn from a group of students.

What are the disadvantages of online MBA courses?

1) Not for everyoneSome people cannot simply work under minimal supervision. If you are the type of person who lacks self-discipline and needs to be looked after too all the time, you need to enroll yourself in a real school instead.

2) No personal interactionIf you like mingling and interacting personally with your classmates and teacher, go to a traditional school.


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